ANS 108 : Medical Terminology for Animal Science II

This course is a continuation of ANS 107. In this course, students will continue to explore medical terms needed to enhance accuracy in communications with veterinary professionals. Areas of specific interest will be terminology dealing with body cavities, specific body systems, the functions of their parts, and associated surgical terms and clinical procedures. Students are expected to learn and be able to interpret the meaning of technical information containing specific, systematic veterinary medical terms. Pre-requisite: ANS 107 with a grade of C or better. One lecture hour per week.
1. Acquire a basic vocabulary of common veterinary medical terms associate with animal body systems, their functions, and related medical procedures. 2. Define, spell, and pronounce terminology associates with animal body systems and medical procedures. 3. Demonstrate understanding of the parts and functions associated with animal body systems. 4. Communicate using proper veterinary medical terminology in both oral and written formats.





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