ASL 285 : Community-based Learning in Deaf Studies

Students develop and demonstrate their understanding of professionalism and engage in American Sign Language and Deaf cultural norms through community-based learning and community engagement. Students are immersed in a professional environment serving the Deaf/Hard-of-hearing community. Requirements include: four to six hours weekly in a non-paid, supervised, community-based learning site, and an orientation followed by three seminar meetings with the program director and cohort for guided reflection, discussions, and readings related to these experiences. Course should be taken during the final semester of any Deaf Studies degree program. Co-requisite: ASL 284. One lecture hour per week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
  1. Compare and contrast hearing professional environments with Deaf professional environments.
  2. Report an increased level of comfort signing with native signers.
  3. Identify areas within their sign language skills that they need to further work on.
  4. Cite a professional reference that can be listed on a college application or resume.
  5. Identify agencies and schools in their area that service the Deaf/HH community engagement.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course