THE 115 : Director's Workshop

In this course, students will analyze plays from a director's point of view. Rehearsal and organizational procedures will be discussed from script to performance. Working techniques, scene building, blocking and movement, use of space, point of view, and interpretation will provide the student with necessary skills. Directed scenes will be presented in class and/or in studio theatre. Students will be expected to direct scenes. Theatre elective. One three-hour class per week. Competency met: Humanities (6.0) Spring; Day only
  1. To teach the complex craft of theatre from this center perspective of the director’s vision and interpretation.
  2. To refine skills in story-telling, reading and interpretation.
  3. To refine skills in organization, development of ideas, actualization, analysis, movement and composition.
  4. To learn how to articulate, investigate and describe the process of directing.
  5. To develop critical awareness and writing skills that can be used to describe and record the director’s process.
  6. To heighten discernment of artistic and production values.
  7. To teach story building, character development, blocking and use of space and movement to reveal a story and balance the space.
  8. To teach use of design elements and movement to reveal a story.
  9. To develop skills in reading for central vision.