SAC 255 : Counseling in the Community and Case Management

This course is designed to assist the students to gain the skills related to substance abuse counseling within the community. The focus will be on working with different client populations, providing crisis intervention, and behavior management, as well as record-keeping, documentation, and understanding how to resolve dilemmas involving professional values and ethics. (Ethics: 2.5 hrs of the required 10 hours for CADAC). Prerequisite(s): PSY 255 and PSY 287. Three lecture hours per week.
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Demonstrate knowledge regarding the roles, functions, and professional identity of community counselors. 2. Identify the structures and operations of professional organizations, training standards, and ethical standards pertaining to the practice of community counseling. 3. Analyze client characteristics and the implications of sociocultural, demographic, and lifestyle diversity relevant to community counseling in order to appropriately refer clients to treatment services. 4. Apply theories and techniques of community needs assessment to design, implement, and evaluate community counseling interventions, programs and systems. 5. Demonstrate effective use of community intervention, consultation, education, outreach and program development. 6. Identify strategies for client advocacy in public policy and government related issues. 7. Demonstrate skills for group work within a variety of community settings.





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