SOC 254 : Alcohol Use and Abuse

This course provides the student with a basic understanding of the nature of alcoholism and the problems it generates for alcoholics and their families. It also analyzes the kinds of social pressures that affect the development of alcoholism. Students are introduced to text materials and audiovisual presentations on the subject and participate in actual visits to agencies such as halfway houses and detoxification units that provide services to alcoholics and their families. Three lecture hours per week. Spring
  1. Identify characteristics that distinguish among the conditions of alcohol use, abuse and alcoholism, both in the United States and cross-culturally.
  2. Recognize the problems these conditions generate for subjects and their families, friends and the larger community.
  3. Critically analyze research on societal conditions and social pressures leading to alcohol use, abuse and alcoholism.
  4. Demonstrate familiarity with programs focused on education, prevention and treatment.





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