SCI 251 : Honors Seminar: Emerging Paradigms in Science, Humanities, and Culture

This course is a broad overview of some of the latest discoveries and leading perspectives in contemporary science, as well as their potential impact on society, culture, education, and public policy. Topics covered in the course may include quantum physics, chaos, and fractal theory, epigenetics, cosmology, consciousness studies, neurobiology, artificial intelligence, and others. The course is also cross-disciplinary in that it explores the potential impact of these discoveries on contemporary society, culture and the environment. Three lecture hours per week. Prerequisite: Open to Commonwealth Honors Program students only. 3 Credits Fall, Spring, Summer
1. Understand and explain some radical discoveries of modern science and their implications for our current worldview. 2. Identify and implement some new ways of living that are emerging at the forefront of our culture at this time. 3. Appreciate the nature of the paradigm shift we are presently experiencing and begin to speculate on their own leadership role in moving forward.