Psychology A2B MassTranfer

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.  Psychologists use rigorous, scientific methods to conduct research studies and experiments with the goals of describing a behavior or mental process, explaining the underlining causes of it, predicting conditions under which it is likely to occur, and applying psychological knowledge to help people change behavior and mental processes to bring about desired goals.  Graduates are well-equipped to transfer and complete a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree in psychology and prepare for a career in a variety of areas including counseling, education, health, research, school psychology, and social work.

Psychology is a MassTransfer A2B Mapped Program with Massachusetts State Universities and Universities of Massachusetts.  When choosing electives, complete an A2B Program Search at to determine available transfer institutions and to ensure all credits will be transferred and applied to your degree.


To complete the Psychology A2B Program, students should complete the requirements for the Liberal Arts - Behavioral & Social Sciences Concentration, including four of the following required Foundational Courses.

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Foundational Courses

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Program Contact

Kathleen Pearle, Dean,

Nancy-Lee Devane, Department Chair,