PSY 295 : Honors Seminar in Community Leadership

In this interdisciplinary course, students review the scholarly literature on leadership to gain a concise grounding in major leadership concepts and theories, including a contemporary approach for leadership in groups, communities, and organizations. Working in groups, students practice problem-solving strategies and leadership skills by developing a project plan to help a nonprofit organization provide a service needed in the community, leading service-learning students to implement it, and assessing the project and their personal growth using guided-reflection techniques. Three hours of lecture per week. Spring


Enrollment in the Commonwealth Honors Program or permission of the instructor.
  1. Discuss the characteristics and roles of leaders and followers according to historical and contemporary leadership theories.
  2. Explain why and how the relational approach is helpful for providing leadership in groups, communities, and organizations in our contemporary society.
  3. Explain why civic engagement and community leadership are important in our contemporary society.
  4. Complete a service project that identifies a service needed in the community; reflect on the root causes; implement the project; and assess the outcomes with a discussion including potential solutions.
  5. Assess their strengths and potential for community leadership and give examples of some ways they could apply their personal interests, strengths, and knowledge of community leadership principals to address a problem in the community.