PSY 269 : Geropsychology

This course offers an in-depth, holistic examination of the biological, emotional, and mental components of the human person in the aging process and how they impact the health, lifestyle, and social life of elders. Special attending is given to Alzheimer's disease as well as emotional and personality disorders encountered by elders. Three lecture hours per week.
  1. Students will have a comprehensive knowledge of the Gerontology/Geriatric glossary of terms and theories, the holistic nature and problems encountered in the aging process, the myriad legislative benefits/advocacy/protections as well as social/health/agencies for support.
  2. The student will gain a skill and competency to explain clearly information required for seniors, to offer coping strategies and enlighten seniors to the challenges and choices amidst the social trends which are currently affecting their lifestyles.
  3. Because of the great deal of affective learning in the course, the student will have gained a sensitivity to all senior issues and concerns to better understand their role as facilitators.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course