PSY 267 : Introduction to Gerontology: The Study of Aging

Society as a whole is rapidly aging at an unprecedented rate. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, the aging process is examined from a variety of perspectives, including contemporary biological, psychological, and social theories. Various problems facing today's elders -- and those in caretaking roles for older adults -- are examined, including health, social, economic, political, and other age-related issues. Three lecture hours per week.
  1. Understand and utilize the vocabulary of Gerontology.
  2. Discuss the various aspects of the aging process which includes the biological, psychological, psychosocial, spiritual, chronological and financial.
  3. Define and discuss the ageist attitudes in our society and compare those with other cultures.
  4. Describe the impact of the aging process on family, friends, healthcare resources, the community and the available living environments, which include the Eden Alternative and the Greenhouse Project of Dr. Bill Thomas and culture change in extended care settings.
  5. Advocate for positive approaches to good nutrition, preventative healthcare programs, exercise and access to learning communities.
6. Understand the advance directive documents that promote autonomy and have an impact on the quality of life of our elders.





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