PSY 266 : Introduction to Grief Counseling

The course focuses on the qualities and skills as well as the functions and goals of the grief facilitator. Pre-need, at need, aftercare intervention and healing techniques will be addressed for a variety of loss experiences. An in-depth analysis of counseling theories will be presented, as well as resources for referral counseling. Three class hours a week.
  1. Develop best personal qualities required for a counseling relationship and the ability to employ those professional skills for effective counseling.
  2. Understand major goals of grief counseling and avoid pitfalls and problems.
  3. Define and explain major theories of psychotherapy to assist in the application of concepts for counseling advice and referral.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of crisis counseling, intervention, and interview techniques as well as aftercare guidance.
  5. Offer a multitude of choices and options available for the adjustment period of grief as well as techniques for motivational counseling that will give success in grief recovery.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course