PSY 263 : Honors Seminar in Empowering Women

This course examines the development of women throughout the lifespan as well as the psychological and social barriers that prevent them from achieving their desired life goals. Special attention is given to the cognitive, physical, social, and cultural factors affecting the development of girls and women as well as their interpersonal relationships. The importance of cross-cultural research for interpreting data on women's development is stressed. Three class hours a week. Fall. Competency met: Global Awareness (5.2).


Enrollment in Honors Program or permission of instructor.
  1. Discuss important historical and current topics of interest to psychologists who focus on issues related to girls and women.
  2. Analyze and critique models and methods of psychosocial research that are used to study the behavior of girls and women.
  3. Evaluate the validity and generalizability of psychosocial research concerning girls and women.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of how developmental psychosocial knowledge could be applied to impact social policy and the quality of life for girls and women across cultures.