PRM 205 : CAPM Exam Preparation

This course is designed to prepare students to sit for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPMĀ®) examination administered via the Project Management Institute (PMI), the governing body of project management. This examination is taken at a PMI designated testing center or proctored online by PMI. A passing grade results in the student being recognized as a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). Prerequisite: PRM 202 or permission of program coordinator. Three lecture hours per week.
1. Prepare to take the CAPM exam. 2. Identify the Knowledge areas which will be covered in the CAPM exam. 3. Describe the Project Management processes associated with each Knowledge Area 4. Explain the Project Life Cycle and how this integrates with the various Knowledge Areas 5. Review the various Project Management formulas and their use within the exam 6. Analyze how CAPM questions are formulated to provide multiple possible responses. 7. Discern subtle hints within questions and answers that may lead you to the correct response.





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