PRM 204 : Advanced Project Management Concepts

This course provides students with an understanding of important project management concepts, which may not be foundational to project management, but would be encountered by more senior project managers as they advance in their careers. The concepts include, but are not limited to building project teams, project politics. global project management, Agile project management, and recovering troubled projects. Prerequisite(s): PRM 201 and PRM 202 or permission of program coordinator. Three lecture hours per week.
1. Demonstrate different approaches for building and leading project teams. 2. Discuss various project communications methods and project politics and how they can affect the outcomes of projects. 3. Identify global project management concepts and the challenges of managing a global project team. 4. Discuss the role that different cultures play in managing global projects and how a project manager would manage global teams and networks. 5. Discuss the role of a project manager in an Agile environment and review various Agile methodologies, and discuss how they differ. 6. Identify the root cause of troubled projects, when recovery is necessary, and the methods for getting troubled projects back on track.





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