PRM 204 : Advanced Project Management Concepts

This course provides students with an understanding of important project management concepts, which are not foundational to project management, but would be encountered by more senior project managers as they advance in their career. The concepts include, but are not limited to global project management, Agile project management, building project teams and project politics. Three lecture hours per week. Spring



    Upon completion of this course students will be able to:
  1. Identify project procurement needs, including make-or-buy analysis
  2. Determine a vendor and the bidding process
  3. Negotiate and ensure due diligence and an equitable process when contracting
  4. Determine contract types, risks, and incentives
  5. Manage vendor performance and relationships, amend contracts and manage change
  6. Evaluate the impact of contextual factors such as client's organizational culture, needs, risk tolerance, and project size on tools and methods of project management
  7. Recommend appropriate approaches for managing communications and meetings for projects with multiple cultures and languages in large-scale, global environments across time zones.
  8. Construct a project management plan that can achieve given objectives while mitigating the potential risks inherent in large, complex, widespread, and intercultural projects





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