PRM 202 : Project Risk, Change, and Quality Management

This course continues to examine at greater depth some of the key foundational concepts of Project Management. Working with real-life project examples and accepted project management standards, this course will provide students with a strong understanding of managing the risk, change, and quality components of a project. Prerequisite: PRM 104 or permission of program coordinator. Three lecture hours per week.
1. Define how proper management of risk, change, and quality leads to successful project outcomes. 2. Identify likely outcomes when risk, change, and quality are not properly managed. 3. Explain the steps needed to develop an appropriate risk response plan to real project situations. 4. Apply the steps used to manage change within real project situations. 5. Translate customer and stakeholder requirements into an appropriate quality management plan. 6. Describe the steps needed to validate that project deliverables satisfy customer and stakeholder requirements.





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