PRM 104 : Project Stakeholders and Communications Plan

This course provides students with comprehensive project management communication, knowledge and skills. Students will master theoretical and applied communication skills. Students will be required to develop a project stakeholder list and evaluate stakeholder's role in a project; determine the appropriate communications methodology to be used for each stakeholder; and develop a high-quality communication plan for meeting the needs of each stakeholder. Pre- or co-requisite PRM 102. Three lecture hours per week.
Upon completion of this course students will be able to: 1. Recognize all project stakeholders and identify their specific role and influence in the project 2. Differentiate between formal and informal communications methods and defend when each is applicable on a project. 3. Evaluate and select appropriate tools and methods to communicate with identified stakeholders, including commonly used templates for communication activities such as status reporting, issue tracking, change control, and project reviews 4. Construct a communication-management plan that defines the participants, communication processes, tools, and methods required for appropriate project communication





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