PHL 153 : Philosophy of Education

This course is designed to critically reflect on different philosophical views that have influenced education. Philosophy of education is an inquiry of our everyday conceptualizations of learning and knowledge, students and teachers in order to re-examine established norms, practices, policies in education, By drawing on multiple philosophical perspectives (traditional, romantic, progressive, existential, critical, postmodern and relational) the course explores questions about the purposed, practice and the meaning of schooling education. The courses also allows students to construct their own philosophical readings and perspectives into the scope of education, its role in society and map-out curriculum and instruction discourse, while highlighting the significance of processes of identity, knowledge construction and ethics. Three lecture hours per week. Fall, Spring


A passing score on the College's reading and writing placement tests, or C or better or concurrent enrollment in ENG 091, or ENG 092

  1. Students will examine the social and philosophical foundations of education.
  2. Students will develop a critical reading of historical and social processes that influence education practice, policy and curriculum.
  3. Students will interrogate and de-construct normative structures such as the learner, the educator, the space of school and the scope of education.
  4. Students will develop their own teaching philosophy as a guiding premise to establish teaching and learning ideals as they envision becoming an educator.





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