PLS 235 : Immigration Law

This course presents the immigration and nationality laws of the United States focusing on the administrative agencies involved in administering those laws. Topics include the immigrant selection system, visas, exclusion, removal, change of status, and refugee/asylum status. Special emphasis given to the paralegal's role in working with aliens and preparing major immigration forms. Prerequisites: PLS 101 and PLS 120. Three lecture hours per week.
1. Work with the appropriate agencies in assisting the attorney with immigration/deportation issues. 2. Prepare a full application for a green card including affidavit of support. 3. Review a criminal record and make an analysis of defenses available. 4. Instruct clients on the INS interview process and preparation of the petition. 5. Recognize paralegal ethical violations in order to prevent their occurrence. 6. Explain the process for posting bail bonds and getting the money returned.