PLS 102 : Torts Law

This course introduces students to American Civil Law. Torts is the study of civil wrongs, as distinct from criminal or contract law. This course will review the elements of torts, damages, remedies, and ethics. The course covers theories of tort liability including intentional torts, negligence, strict liability, product liability, professional malpractice, defamation, nuisance and related torts. Students will learn and practice the role of the paralegal in the preparation of a tort claim. Pre or Co-requisite: PLS 100. Three lecture hours per week.
1. Identify intentional torts, unintentional torts and strict liability torts. 2. Analyze and explain the rules of negligence and apply them to specific fact patterns. 3. Apply knowledge of the law and legal services in providing direct assistance to attorneys as it relates to tort liability. 4. Demonstrate an understanding of the pre-trial process and pleading involved in a civil case. 5. Analyze a case and write a case brief.





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