Medical Transcription Certificate

Program Goal Statement

Students completing this fast-track program are prepared to transcribe dictated reports for doctors, in offices, hospitals, or as independent contractors, or in related fields. They develop skills in computers, medical software, medical terminology, text editing, beginner and advanced medical transcription, medical office procedures, and employment readiness skills. (Having prior medical office experience is a plus.)

Program Information

  • All credits transfer into the Associate in Science in Office Administration, Medical Administrative Assistant Option.
  • MAA courses are offered primarily during the day in Fall River in a hybrid, distance learning format which is a combination of online and face-to-face instruction. All other courses in this program can be offered online, face to face (day or evening) or in a hybrid, distance learning format.

Admission Requirements

  • High school diploma or state-approved high school equivalency credential.


  • OFC 102 can be "waived" by a demonstrated keyboarding speed of 20 words per minute based on a two-minute timing administered by the Office Administration Department Chair. OFC 102 is the prerequisite for OFC 113.
  • Take MAA 101 (Medical Terminology) before BIO 115 (Survey of Anatomy & Physiology).

Related Programs

  • Office Administration Associate degree – Medical Administrative Assistant option
  • Medical Office Certificate program

After Bristol

  • This certificate (if completed successfully) prepares the student to become a medical transcriptionist working in a medical office, hospital pool, or as an independent contractor. Students can also work as a medical scriber transcribing "live" alongside a physician and patient in a medical setting.
Total credits:

Course Sequencing

Consider taking Gen Ed courses to reduce semester load.


Academic Area

Business and Experiential Education

Degree Offered

Certificate of Achievement in Medical Transcription

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Program Contact

Jennifer Machado
Program Coordinator

Vidyanidhi Rege
Dean of Business and Experiential Education


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