Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling is part of Student Wellness at Bristol. Mental Health Counseling in a community college setting emphasizes providing psychoeducational support and often centers on individual growth and development. Typically, sessions are focused on managing temporary problems of daily living, rather than treating psychological disorders. 

A counselor helps people to think about events and emotions in different ways. Through counseling, individuals often find that they gain new perspectives, increase self-awareness and empathy, make better-informed choices, and are less affected by stress. And, of course, a counselor can help with academic issues, such as test anxiety.  A community college counselor can also screen for depression, anxiety, substance use, and various other psychological disorders and, if agreeable, make referrals to community resources that provide appropriate therapy and treatment.

Student Wellness provides a friendly, supportive environment where free, confidential services are available to all Bristol Community College students. Mental Health Counseling provides short-term therapy, crisis intervention, substance use (alcohol and other drug) screening, in-person assessments, referrals for treatment, as well as free and anonymous online assessments at,

For more information about Mental Health Counseling at Bristol, please visit