MAN 251 : Human Resources Management

A study of the philosophy and policy considerations that are basic in sound personnel practices. Emphasis is placed on the components of a full human resource management program including recruitment, selection, training, evaluation, compensation and labor relations. Behavioral science contributions to the personnel function are an integral part of the course. Prerequisite: MAN 101 with C or better or permission of department chair. Three lecture hours per week.
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will understand: 1. The application of HR practices in all organizations. 2. The historical rationale for laws that caused the implementation of certain HR requirements. 3. Hiring and selection criteria and laws surrounding these activities. 4. Benefit laws and employee rights covered under these laws (COBRA, ERISA, etc.) 5. Employer obligation under Workers Compensation and OSHA. 6. Management practices and behavioral styles in organizations. 7. Compensation practices and laws that impact pay practices. 8. Performance evaluation practices and impact on organizational culture. 9. Employee relations topics as they relate to employee accountability, union avoidance and labor relations. 10.Organizational development, employee training and methods of delivery.





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