Library Learning Commons

Students who access academic support systems are more likely to succeed in college. The Library Learning Commons (LLC) at Bristol offers dynamic academic support services for all students, in every discipline, at every level.  Our mission is to provide all Bristol students with the support, access to content, and know-how to learn independently, follow their own curiosity, and collaborate effectively with others.  

The Library Learning Commons offers research assistance, writing and subject tutoring, entry-level support for navigating online courses, and academic mentoring.    While accessing research support, students will work closely with academic librarians to locate credible sources of information and understand the importance of scholarly research. While taking advantage of the Writing Center, students will work with writing tutors to outline papers, to understand the writing process, and to enhance their critical reading skills.  Both the Writing Center and the Librarians can help with developing research questions and citing sources properly. Subject specific support spans a range of formats: students can access drop-in or appointment-based tutoring across a wide array of subjects, or they may be in a course that offers an embedded tutor or peer-learning assistant. In courses with these specialized tutor types, out-of-class sessions are held to help students review material and/or direct their own learning.    

In addition to these services, the Library Learning Commons also provides the materials and spaces needed for study. We support students with access to calculators, laptops, textbooks, and research material, as well as housing the Rogers Cyber CafĂ© (Fall River Campus) and other spaces for computing and printing.  Students may also reserve study rooms in Attleboro, Fall River, and New Bedford.  

Additional information about the Library Learning Commons and access to the resources and services is available at