LSM 241 : Legal and Ethical Aspects of Sport

This course provides an analysis of the legal and ethical aspects of the sport environment. Topics discussed include negligence; liability; control of amateur, professional, and school sport; violence/crowd control; product liability; risk management; and selected current issues. Prerequisites: LSM 101 and LSM 231, or permission of instructor. Three lecture hours per week. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Ethical Dimensions.
  1. Discuss legal issues and statutory regulations impacting the sport industry.
  2. Examine the process of ethical decision-making related to sport.
  3. Apply the code of ethics, philosophy, principles, and values that provide the cornerstone of the sport and recreation profession.
  4. Discuss tort law and its application to the sport and leisure industry.
  5. Examine potential liability for injuries in the supervision, management, and conduct of sport and leisure activities and propose strategies for limiting liability.