LSM 231 : Facility Design and Event Management

This course examines the processes for managing sport and event enterprises. It gives specific attention to the design and management of a sport facility as well as the skills and processes associated with administration of a sport event, whether it be participant-centered or spectator-centered. Prerequisite: LSM 101 or permission of instructor. Three lecture hours per week.
  1. Construct a detailed event, organizational marketing plan.
  2. Determine the feasibility of bidding, hosting, and awarding events.
  3. Analyze risks, financial and legal, associated with producing and hosting sporting events.
  4. Utilize appropriate media sources for event promotional purposes.
  5. Discuss the importance of the master planning process as it relates to the management of recreation, sport, and park areas and facilities.
  6. Relate the processes associated with the acquisition of new areas and the construction of new facilities.
7. Examine specific techniques that can be applied to the management of activity or sport specific sites, areas, and facilities.