INT 101 : Work-Based Experience

This course offers students an opportunity to apply classroom learning and academic skills in a supervised internship experience related to their chosen field of study. It assists students in exploring and wisely choosing a career, while promoting professional and personal development. The hands-on learning component helps students develop a range of career competencies that increase their overall success in the workforce including but not limited to critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, use of technology, and teamwork. The internship course helps students develop an interdisciplinary perspective of the world of work by discussing relevant topics with peers. Through self-reflection, assignments, and participation in the internship, students draw connections between the concepts and principles of their field of study and practice. Faculty and internship supervisors provide guidance, supervision, and assessment of established learning objectives and career goals. Students complete a total of 45 hours in the field during the semester and attend class meetings as scheduled. Prerequisite(s): Permission from the Experiential Education Center (EEC). Please contact EEC at to learn about the requirements in order to participate in INT 101.
1. Apply knowledge and skills related to the concepts and principles of a student's field of study. 2. Recognize industry standards and organizational structures, culture, and ethics. 3. Demonstrate universally established career competencies (critical thinking, use of technology, written and oral communication, teamwork, etc.). 4. Increase awareness of self, others, and society across multiple contexts (personal, community, industry, and global). 5. Exhibit professionalism in a workplace setting. 6. Establish a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references. 7. Gain a deeper understanding of one’s field of interest as it relates to personal and career goals.





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