Internship Program

The Internship Program at Bristol allows students the opportunity to apply classroom learning in a structured and supervised internship in their field of study. This program assists students in exploring and wisely choosing a career, while promoting personal growth and development. Students have a required minimum number of hours to complete per week in their internship position based on the internship course they sign up for (INT 101, 110, 210, or 220). Students must participate in class meetings as scheduled. Students can earn 1-3 credits for this experience, depending on which course option they choose.

Internships are a great way to learn new skills, confirm academic and career goals, explore potential careers, develop a strong resume, and build a network of professional contacts. Internships help students develop the skills of problem-solving, decision-making, and reflective thinking that increases their overall success in the workforce.

The Experiential Education Center staff work with students to design an individualized plan that helps them find the right match with one of our many organization partners. Students receive personal assistance with resume writing, interviewing skills, career/academic counseling, and developing professional communication skills. Students already employed in a job related to their field of study can work with Experiential Education Center staff to explore earning college credit for their work.

In order to participate in the Internship Program, students must be in good academic standing, participate in an Internship Prep Workshop (semester prior to interning), and receive permission from the Experiential Education Center. For more information and for Internship Prep Workshop dates, please contact us at, call 774-357-2407, or visit our webpage here