SER 261 : Developmental Disabilities

This course is an introduction to the broad range of developmental disabilities, including mental retardation, autism, Down and Fetal Alcohol Syndromes, neurological and sensory impairments, and other emotional and behavioral disorders. Effective helping and intervention strategies for working with individuals with developmental disabilities is presented as well as the barriers to community integration and the impact on these individuals, their families, and support networks. Special attention is given to the exploration of societal attitudes toward people with developmental disabilities. Students examine their own biases and beliefs toward this population and the possible roles they may play as change agents in society. Pre or co-requisite: PSY 101 or permission of the program director. Three lecture hours per week.
Learning outcomes include: • Participant empowerment • Community service and networking • Advocacy • Vocational, Educational, and Career Support • Communication • Facilitation of Services • Community Living Skills and Supports





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