HOS 224 : Hospitality Marketing

This course will deal with the broad scope of marketing and sales activities that take place within the tourism, convention, hospitality, and casino industries. Emphasis will be placed on analysis, structure, and strategy of the marketing department within the tourism, convention, hospitality, and casino businesses. Students will learn about departmental budgets, allocation of resources, market research, media selection, and the effectiveness of a marketing plan. There will be case studies and assigned readings of current marketing trends. Pre or corequisite: HOS 121 with a grade of C+ or higher, or permission of program coordinator. Three lecture hours per week. 3 credits Fall
  1. Explain the importance of high-quality service to the visitor.
  2. Prepare for and undertake a sales call representing a hotel or a tourism destination.
  3. Describe the difference between customer service and customer satisfaction.
  4. Recognize the human resources challenges in the customer service industry.
  5. Explain financial and economic impact on service quality.
6. Apply current technology and social media in sales efforts.