HLT 162 : Selected Topics in Health Sciences

A one-semester course on a specific topic or a health/medical specialty in the Health Sciences. Course topics will be announced each semester. Three to six hours of lecture, and/or two to four hours of laboratory as specialty requires. 3- Fall, Spring


to be determined by the course specialty offered.
  1. Describe operating room techniques.
  2. Define asepsis.
  3. Describe general surgical procedure used in ophthalmology, ear/nose/throat, dental/oral/maxilla-facial, plastic, reconstructive, obstetrics, gynecology, and orthopedic surgeries.
  4. Identify and describe ethical concepts relevant to surgical procedures.
  5. Demonstrate proper sterilization and aseptic procedures.
  6. Identify common instruments used in general surgical procedures.
  7. Describe operating room set-up procedure and patient preparation.
  8. Take patient vital signs.
  9. Monitor patient vital signs and describe normal ranges during surgeries.




Instructional support fee applies.