ENG 261 : Topics in English-Diversity

This is a one semester course on a specific topic in English, which has been given a cultural diversity designation by the College. Topics will be announced each semester. Three lecture hours per week. Competency met: Multicultural Perspective (5.3), Humanities (6.0) Not offered every year.


ENG 102 or permission of instructor.
    By the end of the semester, students will develop their abilities to:
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of how literary works by creole writers relate to their immediate historical context and to the traditions from which they emerge.
  2. Understand the theoretical concepts related to ethnicity, class, gender, and language within the context of creole literature.
  3. Utilize problem-based and place-based approaches.
  4. Construct literary arguments using secondary sources (in particular, discipline specific databases and archives) and use MLA style.
  5. Engage in written reflection on the critical assumptions that inform their own and others' interpretations of literary works.