ESL 124 : Advanced English Written Expression

This course is designed to prepare students for ESL126, ENG 092/ENG101, or ENG 101. Students will apply standard English academic writing structures to compose paragraphs, essays and apply MLA standards to written assignments. As part of the final assessment in ESL 124, students will submit a Writing Portfolio that represents their writing development through the semester. Portfolios will be evaluated by either or both ESL and English Department faculty. The evaluation of the Portfolio will determine if the student passes ESL 124. Prerequisite: ESL 014 with a C- or better or permission of the instructor, or an ESL writing test score of 4-5. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Human Expression.
1. Use a process to develop a piece of writing. 2. Write for a variety of purposes. 3. Write a well-constructed paragraph. 4. Write an academic college essay. 5. Identify and apply proper English mechanics, grammar and language usage. 6. Demonstrate independent English writing proficiency.