ESL 012 : Intermediate English Grammar

This course is designed to prepare students for ESL 122 through a review of the basic structures of the English language and an introduction to intermediate grammar structures in both written and spoken forms. Students demonstrate readiness for ESL 122 through mastery of a cumulative final exam. ESL 012 does not count toward a degree. Grade points earned in this course will be included permanently in the student's SPI. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor or test score of 55/120. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
  1. Identify and demonstrate use of the following English grammar structures with 70% mastery: Parts of speech, simple and progressive tenses in present, past, and
future; subject/verb agreement, simple modals, count and non-count nouns, question formation, and comparatives and superlatives.
  1. Demonstrate developing ability to use these grammatical structures through conversation and writing.