EGR 226 : Legal Aspects of Boundary Surveying

This introductory course covers land surveyor ethics and professional responsibility, real property law, real and record evidence, conveyances, recording systems, legal aspects of boundary establishment, unwritten title, easements, prescription, water boundaries and surveying plans. Prerequisite: EGR 221 or permission of instructor. The course will be offered completely online. Two lecture hours and three laboratory hours per week. 3 credits.
Students who successfully complete this course will be able to: 1. Perform the legal research necessary to discover record evidence of property boundaries 2. Read, interpret, record evidence 3. Identify real evidence affecting boundary locations 4. Reconcile record and physical evidence where conflicts exists 5. Analyze and identify unwritten title and prescription and its effects on ownership 6. Evaluate the nature of water boundaries 7. Differentiate between express and implied easements





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