EDU 225 : Diversity and Multicultural Education

This course is designed to increase sensitivity to multiplicity of social differences and power relations in complex and pluralistic U.S. education and society. By helping students acquire a critical understanding and appreciation of processes of diversity, (cultural, racial, ethnic, socio-political, ability and gender) this course is designed to honor and empower the diverse experiences, knowledge and identities students and their communities bring into schools. Therefore, the course is committed to transformative democratic models of learning as well as educators who advocate for equity in education who provide practical educational conceptualizations to foster equitable, inclusive and multicultural learning for all learners. Three lecture hours per week. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Global and Historic Awareness and Multicultural and Social Perspectives.
1. Students will demonstrate a critical knowledge of complexities and processes of culture and diversity in society and schools. 2. Students will describe how their own views and perspectives have been shaped by their backgrounds and identities by evaluating the components of prejudice that have influenced their worldview, using models of ethnic and racial identity to explain and assess their perceptions of cultural identity, discrimination and other socializing agents. 3. Students will identify the challenges of teaching and student learning in multicultural settings, while highlighting the importance of empowering racial, ethnic, religious, gender, ability, language and class diversity in teaching and learning. 4. Students will examine and evaluate effective approaches, perspectives, activities, and techniques for teaching and communicating in multicultural settings.





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