EDU 130 : Education, Society and Philosophy

This course is designed to introduce students to the field of education by examining different historical, socio-political and philosophical perspectives. The course explores the historical and social role of school and education in society, while exploring philosophies that seek to investigate processes of learning and knowledge construction. During this course, students construct their own pedagogical and philosophical perspectives and analyze classroom curriculum and instruction. This course is invested in emphasizing the significance of relationality, ethics, identity, experience and equity in education. This course requires 10 hours of classroom observation at a public school. Prerequisite(s): A passing score on the college's reading and writing placement tests or C or better or concurrent enrollment in ENG 091 or ENG 092. Three lecture hours per week. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Critical Thinking, Ethical Dimensions, and Written Communication.
1. Students will examine the social and philosophical foundations of education. 2. Students will analyze historical and social processes that influence education practice, policy and curriculum. 3. Students will interrogate educational norms, structures and curriculum such as the learner, the educator, the space of school and the scope of knowledge production. 4. Students will create their own teaching and education philosophy as a guiding premise to establish their own educational ideals and goals.





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