EDU 101 : College Success Seminar for Education

This foundational course is for all Education Degree majors and should be taken in their freshman year - first semester. In this course, strategies and resources that promote general college success are explored and applied to relevant topics in the field of Education. Students also begin to reflect on what it means to be an education professional, acquire technical competencies needed to be successful in these majors, and conduct both academic and internet research. Students engage with course content through an active learning environment that includes discussions, readings, projects and lectures. Critical reading, thinking, and writing are stressed. One lecture hour per week. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Information Literacy.
1. Students will identify, locate, and utilize college and program resources that are relevant to college students and Education majors. 2. Students will utilize program and college (print and e) resources to demonstrate knowledge of program, college, and state standards related to being a college student and future educator of children. 3. Students will use college-based technology to locate professional organizations, Massachusetts State regulations and policies for Early Childhood and Elementary and Secondary Education educators, state educator licensing and/or certification, and codes of ethics. 4. Students will identify and explain their learning style and list strategies that are useful for their type/them, as well as, reflect on the impact of learning differences to their chosen profession. 5. Students will reflect on the skills required for success in higher education and Education professions and formulate academic and career goals that are appropriate for their personal situation and chosen future goals.