ECE 223 : Infant-Toddler Development

After a quick review of prenatal development, the course addresses the developmental stages of infants and toddlers (birth through three years) within the context of their family. It explores different areas of development--including emotional, physical, cognitive, social, language, literacy, and behavioral--in the context of relationships. The course discusses infant-toddler care-giving principles and the day-to-day practices as reflected in different families of similar and diverse cultural backgrounds. It emphasizes the characteristics of responsive care giving and high-quality early care and education and the significant relationship between emotional development and thinking. Students learn Greenspan's theory of emotional development and Floortime. Three lecture hours per week. Fall


  1. Describe and identify indicators of infant/toddler developmental milestones.
  2. Identify responsive caregiving in the context of developmental theories including Greenspan, Bronfenbrenner, and Erickson.
  3. Analyze dialogue that promotes healthy social-emotional development.
  4. Examine the influence of cultural practices of infant/toddler development.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course