DST 284 : ASL/Deaf Studies Capstone Seminar

This is the capstone course for all Deaf Studies degree options. Students integrate, reflect on, and apply what they have learned in their Deaf Studies program through a variety of real-world projects with authentic audiences, including but not limited to, planning and hosting an awareness event for the college. Students are expected to work individually and collaboratively. Through this approach, students recognize and evaluate how individuals (including self) contribute differently to a goal (through varying perspectives, values, communication styles and work habits) Students also begin goal formation for the community-based learning course. Prerequisites: ASL 201, ASL 181, DST 101, and DST 110. Pre or co-requisites: ASL 202, DST 151 and/or DST 252. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy.
1. Integrate previous knowledge to inform their gathering and analysis of information needed for projects. 2. Create real-world projects with authentic audiences to add value to their own, or the campus, awareness of Deaf people and Deaf Studies. 3. Evaluate one's own academic and (pre) professional abilities/skills. 4. Communicate ideas effectively, ethically and inclusively.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course