INT 110 : Internship Experience

This course offers students an opportunity to apply classroom learning and academic skills in a supervised work experience related to their chosen field of study. It assists students in exploring and wisely choosing a career, while promoting personal growth and development. The work-based learning component helps students develop the skills of problem-solving, decision-making, and reflective thinking that increases their overall success in the workforce. Students work 5-8 hours a week in their internship position for a minimum total of 80 hours and must participate in a weekly seminar. The internship seminar helps students develop an interdisciplinary perspective of the world of work by discussing related topics and sharing on-the-job concerns with peers. Faculty and employers provide professional guidance to students in setting and achieving career goals. Fall, Spring, Summer


Permission from the Experiential Education Center.

  1. Identify and apply technical skills and professional communication skills in a work setting.
  2. Recognize industry standards, organizational structures, culture, and ethics and align with long-term career goals.
  3. Connect competencies to academic theory and practice through reflection.
  4. Utilize critical thinking, research skills, and problem solving skills.
  5. Identify an awareness of self, others, and society and integrate this knowledge across multiple contexts (personal, community, industry, and global).
  6. Establish a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references.




Instructional support fee applies.

Degrees/Certificates That Require Course