CIT 121 : Information Technology Fluency I

This course introduces students to the technical and application concepts of information technology. The students develop a basic understanding of computing, operating systems, application packages in word processing and Excel and the basics of developing a web site. Students continue to acquire the intellectual knowledge as well as the concepts, skills, and the capabilities essential to a deep understanding of information technology. This course is the first of three courses needed to fulfill this objective. Three class hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Information Literacy. 3 credits Fall, Spring, Summer
  1. List and define the basic components of a computer system.
  2. Effectively use a word processing document formatting features.
  3. Define basic networking terms.
  4. Create and publish a basic web page using HTML.
  5. Apply techniques to perform effective online searches and analyze the credibility of websites.
  6. Effectively create a spreadsheet using absolute and relative cell addresses in formulas.
  7. Explain the meaning of computer security and privacy and list the ways a computer can be compromised.
  8. Name three permitted/not permitted uses of licensed software.
  9. Create and post to a blog.
  1. Design and create a basic presentation using presentation software.