CSS 110 : Research Across the Academic Disciplines

This course facilitates the new student’s transition to college while also focusing on research skills as it relates to the other class in this Learning Community. Students will become familiar with the college’s resources, specifically research technologies, and make meaningful connections with faculty, staff, and support services. Students build familiarity with information literacy concepts and gain the skills, tools, and competencies needed to be successful college students. As a part of this course, students learn to apply research methods and critical thinking skills to develop academically and personally. Students explore and utilize technology and learning resources, develop personalized study habits, develop academic career goals, and build financial literacy. Prerequisite(s): A passing score on the college's reading and writing placement tests, and/or CC or better in ENG091 or ENG092. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
1. Identify the appropriate source for the information needed (ie., college resources, academic research, and support services). 2. Analyze the authoritative claims of sources with informed skepticism and recognize the quality of evidence in different source types. 3. Differentiate competing influences, interests, agendas, or bias in sources 4. Create proper source citations and identify intellectual property; Use information ethically and legally. 5. Determine the appropriate scope of investigation, and construct a proper research question. 6. Locates and evaluates information through a variety of sources. 7. Identify and apply personalized learning and study skills; formulate academic and career goals. 8. Students will develop basic financial literacy.