CSS 105 : Technology Tools for College Success

This course is designed to foster success in college by increasing students' information technology skills. Topics include basic computer operation, using Microsoft Office, using email, navigating Blackboard, utilizing group sharing applications, finding and assessing Internet resources, handling basic hardware issues, and assessing and using social media tools. The course also focuses on gaining facility with technology to allow students to work collaboratively to complete projects in higher level academic courses. This course is not intended for CIS, OFC, or Business Administration majors. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Information Literacy.
1. Create, edit, save, share and retrieve papers, simple spreadsheets and presentations using Microsoft Office. 2. Compose appropriate academic emails and attach documents. 3. Navigate e-learning to use discussion forums, Dropboxes, submit assessments, etc. 4. Utilize group sharing applications such as Google Docs and Dropbox. 5. Use reference and academic databases and search engines to find resources and assess their credibility. 6. Use online etiquette guidelines to analyze their social media presence and subsequently use social media for academic and professional growth. 7. Create, access and update an e-portfolio.