BUS 205 : Warehouse Center Distribution Center

This course provides a foundation for the role of transportation from a micro and macro perspective in supply chain management. It discusses and evaluates the theoretical and managerial dimensions of transportation in supply chains, including regulations and public policy. This course focuses on air, water, rail, pipeline, and road transportation emphasizing their operating and service characteristics, cost structure and current challenges. Strategic activities and challenges involved in the movement of goods through the supply chain will be reviewed and evaluated. 


BUS 116

1.  Describe the basic concepts of transportation management and its essential role in demand fulfillment.
2.  Identify the key elements and processes in managing transportation operations and how they interact.
3.  Explain the critical role of technology in managing transportation operations and product flows.
4.  Define the requirements and challenges of planning and moving goods between countries.
5.  Apply standard metrics and frameworks to assess the performance of transportation operations.