ASL 284 : ASL/Deaf Studies Capstone Seminar

This is the capstone course for all Deaf Studies degree options. By course's end, students will demonstrate they have met program outcomes by completing the Deaf Studies/ASL portfolio. Students are also expected to develop and reflect on their individual culminating project (based on their chosen career path and plans). Prerequisites: ASL 201, ASL 181, DST 101, and DST 110. Pre or co-requisites: ASL 202, DST 151 and/or DST 252. One class hour and one lab hour per week. 1 credit Spring
  1. Demonstrate that they have met program outcomes via an e-portfolio shared with the college campus, planning and implementing two events, and completing individual service and research projects.
  2. Further develop skills and knowledge that are necessary for becoming an educated person, skills you can take with you into other classes, transfer and the workforce.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course